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Sep 21


 Dec 1  

9/21/18 - 12/1/18 Utrecht, Holland - Speelklok Museum (gig)

Shimon and Friends exhibition and performances. See TivoliVredenburg Performance here, and TV interview here.

The We, Robot. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Denmark

5/22/18 Seattle - Microsoft (gig)

Shimon and Friends performance as part of Future of Story Telling Event, Seattle, WA.  

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4/30/18 New York - The United Nations(talk)

Robotic Musicianship Presentation, as part of the International Day of Jazz, Washington, DC. 

3/9/18 San Jose - NVIDIA GTC (gig)

A presentation of Skywalker Piano Hand as Part of NVIDIA GTC Event, San Jose, CA.  

3/9/18 Atlanta - Atlanta Science Festival (gig)

A sneak peek of a new song from a new Shimon Show, currently under development, Atlanta, GA.  

2/22/18 Atlanta - Superhuman Shoot (news)

Robotic Musicianship and GTCMT presentations at Moogfest, Atlanta, GA.   

7/26/17 - Washington DC - Kennedy Center(gig)

"Artful Innovation: Inclusive Design and Technology": A performance and an exhibition at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC.

7/24/17 Cambridge - MIT Media Lab (talk)  

Robotic Musicianship @ Georgia Tech, Cambridge, MA.

6/28/17 Aspen - Aspen Idea Fest (gig)

A clip and another one from our concert and closing event presentation at the Aspen Idea Festival, Aspen, CO.  

6/23/17 Atlanta - ICCC (talk)

Keynote presentation at the International Conference on Computational Creativity, Atlanta, GA.  

6/11/17 San Diego - Mainly Mozart (talk)

Shimon and musical brain research as part of Mainly Mozart's Music and The Mind Symposium, San Diego, CA.  

5/18-21/17 Durham -  Moogfest 2017 (talk)

Robotic Musicianship and GTCMT presentations at Moogfest,Durham, N.C.   









4/27/17 San Diego - UCSD Seminar (talk)

Robotic Musicianship Presentation at the University of California San Diego, CA.   

3/23/17 Atlanta - TAG Summit (gig)  

A short gig at the Technology Association of Georgia Summit, Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta, GA

2/18/17 West Lafayette - Convocations(gig)

We performed in West Lafayette in front of 1500 audience members as part of Purdue Convocations' Innovator In Residence program, West Lafayette, IN. 



1/05/17 Las Vegas - CES Keynote (news)

Shimon's first Deep Learning composition appeared at CES Nvidia Keynote presentation. See some coverage from IEEE Spectrum, Technology Review, Motherboard, Engadget, Gizmodo.  

11/6/16 Berlin -  Ableton Loop (gig)

Robots, Prostheses and Improvisation presentation at the Ableton Loop Summit, Berlin, Germany  

10/28/16 Shanghai - Shanghai Fest (gig)

The Shanghai International Interactive Arts Festival invited us for a week of concerts and demos, Shanghai, China. 

10/5/16 New York -  FOST (gig) 

We collaborated with MAE in a Snug Harbor performance in New York City as part of the Future Of Story Telling Summit, NY,NY. 



9/24/16 St. Luis - Murmuration (talk)

Beyond Human Creativity and The Machine at Murmuration Festival in St. Louis, MO. 

10/1/16 Atlanta - GoPro Shoot (gig) 

A 360 video from our GoPro shoot, Atlanta, GA. 

7/25/16 Cancun - Your Brain on Art(talk) 

First public presentation of our brain-machine-interface for the "third arm" project at "Your Brain on Art" Conference, Cancun, Mexico.



6/24/16 Berlin - Audi (gig) 

It was a short gig at Audi's Beyond Summit in Berlin, Germany for an international group of leaders in machine learning and robotics, Berlin, Germany.

5/21/16 Durham - Moogfest (gig) 

Had a great time at Moogfest with nice coverage by NPR, Quartz, Rolling StoneMetro, and some others, Durham, N.C. 

5/9/16 Madrid - El Hormiguero (gig) 

We were on the El Hormiguero TV show for a short live performance in Madrid, featuring the robotic prosthesis and the new 3rd arm, Madrid, Spain.  

3/14/16 Istanbul - Vodafone (gig)

Here is a clip from our recent Vodafone Digital Transformations Summit gig in Istanbul, Turkey. 

2/17/16 The Third Arm (news)

We are working on new Shimon "friend", with coverage by Washington PostThe Atlanta Magazine, Popular ScienceGizmodo, and some others. 

9/20/15 The Atlantic Doc (news)

The Atlantic just released a new short video documentary about amputee drummer Jason Barnes, his robotic drumming prosthetic, and Shimon.

9/11/15 Atlanta - STEAM Cubed (gig)

We performed at Georgia State's STEAM Cubed Festival.

8/23/15 Brisbane - Robotronica (gig)

Here is some press about our performance in Robotronica and here is some more at the Gardens Theatre, Brisbane, Australia.

7/22/15 Washington DC - Kennedy Center(gig)

Our inaugural standing-room-only concert at the Kennedy Center, part of the 25/40 Celebration, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Check out the video here, Washington, DC. 

5/17/15 New York - The TODAY Show(gig)

Our first ever live TV gig was short and sweet. On the way there, Shimon's head was damaged, but we were able to fix it just in time for our 54 seconds of day time TV fame.

5/11/15 Metz - Metz Festival (gig)

We performed with the robotic drumming prosthesis in Metz, France on Tuesday, came back to Atlanta on Wednesday, and left Thursday to New York to perform with Shimon and Shimi on the TODAY show early Friday morning.  

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